What Can You Learn Today?

The world is changing drastically every minute. Amongst others bitten by the ‘Change Bug’ are - Products, Technology, Information, Discoveries, Inventions, Environment, Laws, Culture and most importantly.. People ! Humans are considered to be extremely intelligent because of the wisdom to Learn and Adapt. Humans were a keen observer of the surroundings. They say that ‘Smiling’ was adopted from observing wild animals – the way animals used to bare their teeth while entering a different territory; supposedly it meant that they came in peace. Humans quickly learnt that and started replicating. That was the origin of ‘Smile’ - Today there are Products, Jobs and Businesses built around Smile – To

Did You Manage To Achieve Your Target?

Many target oriented employees are worried during the quarter end and year end. Why??? – Performance Evaluation based on Targets! You will generally come across four types of employees – 1)Who achieve more than 100%. They are motivated to constantly achieve targets and set newer benchmarks 2)Who managed to achieve between 80% to 100%. They are the ones who walk on a thin line 3)Who achieve in the range of 60% to 80%. They desperately need help if they are given another chance 4)Who are below 60% has an immediate threat of professional survival If all of them carry the same knowledge, skills and attitude in the next quarter or new year, they will face more challenges as competition will keep

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