Challenges New Trainers Face: Engaging Participants During A Session

Two types people enter in the Training Domain.

1) Who are Subject Matter Experts and would like to share their knowledge and experience with others i.e. could be someone from HR who has spent considerable time in the HR domain and now has the knowledge and experience to educate people.

2) Who have the knack of communicating with people. They can be from any profession which requires 'One-To-Many' Communication model and would like their skills to be utilized through Training.

A Trainer (the word is harshly criticized by many) wears many hats during a Training session – Teacher, Trainer, Facilitator, Guide, Coach, Mentor and sometimes a Friend and an Agony Aunt as well!

The first challenge which New Trainers encounter -

Make the Delegates Participate in the session

They key point to understand is that - A Great Orator may not be a Great Trainer!

Telling is Not Training!

I have been approached by many Subject Matter experts asking to join my organization and Train in a relevant field. What I tell them is that the knowledge and experience they have is extremely valuable, however to make sure that they are able to transfer that knowledge requires Skills. It is not just about speaking in front of the crowd about your experiences.

Speaking is just one of the musical instruments in an orchestra.

If you want to engage the audience and want them to participate, then there is a lot more to be done.

In a Training room, the average attention span of a participant is between 10-15 minutes, and then the mind wanders off. In Keynotes (or addressing Large audience, the attention span is only couple of minutes). It may be because of what you said, which has triggered their imagination and they will try to relate it to their own experiences and what-is scenarios or it may be that they do not relate to what you have said. In both the cases, it will take them away from what you want them to learn!

To control the direction of the thoughts, in a positive and participative way, is an art – which needs to be mastered. If the participants are investing their time sitting through your session, then it becomes the Trainers responsibility to Maximize their learning.

Though the difference between a Bad trainer and a Good Trainer is easily visible, the difference between a Good Trainer and Exceptional Trainer may be invisible – at that time! Lot happens after the Training session is over and the effectiveness can be reflected in the amount of knowledge gained, the impact of behavior change which is translated into results and

obviously the positive financial implications.

To understand more about the Best Practices in Participant Engagement and practicing them is essential to evolve as an Exceptional Trainer. I was fortunate to get 3 mentors during my 17 years of Training Career. These 3 mentors came in different stages of my life and were present for a very short period and gave me different insights into the wonderful world of training. I have been imparting my experience based knowledge to many New Trainers and Aspiring Trainers and accelerating their growth.

They say that when the Student is Ready, The Master Appears!

As New Trainers, find an Exceptional Trainer you can learn from – That’s the best investment that you can make for yourself and your participants.

My life purpose is to add value to people’s lives and empower them to be their higher self. Feel free to reach me on for any support related to Training.

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